Monday, January 14, 2019

OWATP - a new take on OWATS

Recently, I decided that I wanted to give my students some extra practice with the new vocabulary. We were beginning new stories with new vocabulary and I wanted to vary what we were doing and
Latin I student work included words like: via, soror,
comedit, domus, silva, deus, mons, caelum, ursa, and terra
provide support in following days as well as feature some student work.

If you haven't checked out One Word at a Time Stories (OWATS), then I recommend you do. It's a great activity and something I find myself going back to over and over.

This new activity is based on OWATS, but provides some support and opportunity for students who do not feel confident in writing a story. I'm calling it One Word at a Time Pictures (OWATP).


My purpose in using this activity is to see how students can use words with each other in new ways and also create materials I can use later to give input in new ways too. One of the things I really liked about this (much like with OWATS) is that I can pick words that don't really seem to go together and then kids get really creative to make it all work. 

Latin II student worked with words like faber, ignis, mater,
puella, flos, fortis, domus, magnus, and parvus

This is quite simple to set up:
  1. Have a list of words you want to use/target (for whatever reason)
  2. Type those words out, put the English (especially if they are new words), and make them nice and BIG :)
  3. Cut them out. 


  1. Students sit in groups (size of your choosing)
  2. each group gets one word
  3. They draw that word (and label it) in the center of their paper. 
  4. They draw a second word and add it to their image. 
  5. They continue until they have reached the amount of words you want them to OR have all the words in their image. 
  6. EVERY part of the image must be labeled. 
    1. if they add something not on your list, it still must be labeled. 
  7. Images must be coloured. 

Follow Up

I plan on using these for picture descriptions. You can use a few in one class, or as a warm up! I could also see some other activities as follow up for various levels and classes:
  • puzzles
  • match the word to the picture (re-label)
  • write a story that goes with the picture
  • picture discussions
  • assessment!  

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