Thursday, March 5, 2015

Storifies for Day 1 of #SCOLT15

Since I live tweet at the conferences I attend, I thought it might be nice to create some storifies rather than just leave the information out there in the twitterverse. Plus, then I get to include information I found interesting from attendees in other sessions!

Today I attended Bob Patrick's session on Reading and Writing in the Foreign Language Classroom. I compiled Miriam's and my tweets here:
Storify: Comprehensible Input

While I was listening to Bob describe what and why for a comprehensible approach, I was also reading some tweets describing great tips on helping students engage in conversations in their target language.
Have a Real Conversation Tweets

Other tweets I was glad to read!
Other Tweets of Interest

I'll hopefully get to keep bringing you these Storifies as we continue through the next two days!