Tuesday, August 27, 2019

10 Quick Ideas for a New Year

I thought I'd share some ideas and questions I've been working on this year.

First... some reflective questions for the new year that I have been pondering. I'd love to hear your thoughts on them!

  1. How am I going to foster community this year in my classroom?
  2. How can I turn my space into our space?
  3. How can I encourage play and risk taking with the language?
  4. How can I ensure everyone's safety?
  5. How can I engage my students' interests in class?
  6. What privileges do I enter the room with this year?
  7. What struggles are my students facing?
  8. How can I create a space where they feel safe and free to explore?
  9. How can I make a better pot of coffee?
  10. How can I ensure I take care of myself this year?

And, secondly some quick ideas for the new year!

  • Put up a graffiti wall for students to decorate (courtesy of Christopher Emdin).
  • Share about yourself. Whatever you ask students to do, you should also be willing to do. 
  • Try out new ideas (AKA future blog posts ;) )
  • Always offer alternatives for students who need more time to process or who have disabilities/are disabled. 
  • Bring something you love into the classroom.
  • Try the Fly Swatter Game :) 
  • Consider adding aspects to games that involve chance. Also, consider allowing students who need extra support or extra time with things to be judges in games. You get to go over the material again with them and they get to feel good about what they know. 
  • Research Acceleration (AKA another blog post I'll be writing soon)
  • Don't tell your kids they are welcome to your room. Tell them they belong. 
  • Go ahead, enjoy that second cup of coffee, or whatever. You deserve it!
What of these topics would you like to see expanded into a blog post or a podcast episode? What about a reflective video? Let me know in the comments below!