Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Stepping into CI - Officially Up and Running

Hello all!

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce that the new mother site is up and running, in official terms! Below you'll find a quick overview of what we currently offer or are beginning to offer. You can read the detailed announcement here.

What's Changing?

  1. The blog is still up and running, but you can find access to all of our resources here: www.steppingintoci.com. Be sure to bookmark this site!
  2. We have become three! Pomegranate Beginnings Publishing/Stepping into CI now includes: Miriam Patrick, Rachel Ash, and Robert Patrick Ph.D.
  3. We are widening our offerings. Up until now, you may have seen our blog posts, our publications, the book studies, and our podcast. Now we are offering a wider range of ways to get a regular dose of CI, and new materials for you and your students. 

Okay, so.... What are you offering?

Glad you asked :) 

  • Free
    1. The Pomegranate Beginnings blog has always been and will remain free. You can always check it out here, and get updates via Facebook, email, or Twitter.

    2. Book Studies with Rachel and Miriam is a somewhat new endeavour for us (we are on our second book study), but we will continue to provide this for free.

    3. Our most recent offering is the Stepping into CI Podcast. This by monthly podcast includes the voices of Miriam, Rachel, and Bob along with special guests. There are a variety of topics up for discussion. Past topics include: Our favourite CI things, reports from the field, Free Voluntary Reading, and Why CI.
  • Paid Subscription
    1. CI Bites is a brand new offering from Bob Patrick, Ph.D. When you subscribe to Stepping into CI, you will get a bi-weekly email from Bob with CI tips and inspiration. Be sure to check out the sample!

    2. The Latin Listening Project was born out of Rachel's desire to have easy listening for learners of Latin. Miriam began the first series of the LLP with her horror series Sonitus Mirabilis. When you subscribe, you'll have access to every episode, including a complete vocabulary list and transcripts for each episode.

    3. Lastly, Miriam, Bob, and Rachel are offering exclusive organised units from their own successes in their classrooms. Each unit will be neatly packaged for teachers to access online and will include a variety of activities, tasks, and resources.

Where does the subscription money go?

As always, Pomegranate Beginnings Publishing/ Stepping into CI strives to be transparent. The three of us are also teachers and we know that money is not free flowing. We want to honour your time and money. We offer two subscriptions options:

1. Monthly ($4 per month)
2. Annual ($36 per year)

The money goes to help run the site and to provide all of these resources and materials, both free and paid.

Okay, sign me up! 

Great! Join us at Stepping into CI. And don't forget to join the conversation online:

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Pomegranate Beginnings Publishing on Twitter