Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Draw, Write, and Pass - Variations

In class, as part of our medicine unit in Latin III, I decided to do a variation of the write, draw, and pass activities. As my students worked, it occurred to me that there are a variety of activities like this and they each serve different purposes. In this round up of activities, I've tried to find and list as many as possible. If you can think of others, please comment them below or tweet us #steppingintoci.

Our Activity - Draw, Write, Pass (medicine unit)

When in the Unit: The day before our assessment

  1. Students draw a disease from a box and draw an image of someone with the disease, NO labels or writing. 
  2. Pass papers. Now, students write a sentence in the target language about the disease. They can describe the symptoms or identify it if they know it. 
  3. Pass papers. Now, students will draw 3 remedies and draw them on the second half of the paper, NO labels or writing. I circled three times and had them draw a different remedy each time. 
  4. Pass papers. Now, students will write a sentence about the correct remedy for the disease. If the remedy is present on the paper, they may circle it. If it isn't, they should do nothing. 
  5. Pass papers. Now, students will label everything in the image. They may also edit or add to any of the writing. 
  6. optional. If time, project/show the papers to the class. Discuss the disease in the target language and the symptoms. Then, go over the remedies and what the correct one is. 
Here is a link to my full instructions and the resources I created for this activity. 

Round Up

Here are link to other types of activities like this. Check out these posts and descriptions! 

Relay Races 

I thought I'd include these too. They are a different kind of "pass", but I like them. 
What other relay/passing activities do you know? Comment below!

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