Tuesday, November 1, 2016

PBP Announces - Second Facebook live session!

At the beginning of this month (4 October 2016), Rachel and I hosted a Facebook live session on Comprehensible Input. While you can read the entire discussion on our Facebook page: Pomegranate Beginnings Publishing, here are some highlights:

Using OWATS to introduce vocabulary:
I may do this with Latin I next chapter! We have an ongoing storyline and it would be a great way for the students to create sentences for it. ~ Chris Buczek

How have you used One Word Images?
Focus on the things your class finds fun... Then you let them expand your pictures... maybe include something surprising. ~ Pomegranate Beginnings Publishing

I struggle with telling a story. 
 If you want to grow in skills for asking stories, I recommend writing a script that has a basic outline but leaves some blanks that students can fill in. The easiest is names and locations, but you can ask students if characters are happy or sad, if they want or doen't want something - the idea is to let them choose while limiting their choices to things you know they can handle. ~ Pomegranate Beginnings Publishing

What is your favourite CI activity that you'd like new ideas for?
 Michelle Gerard Ramahlo has students move around when they match pictures to sentences, giving an added element of fun! 
Discipulus Illustris (La Persona Especial) is making the rounds in various ways as well.

Upcoming Facebook Live Session!

When:  Tuesday 8 November 2016 8:00-8:30 PM

Where: The Pomegranate Beginnings Facebook page

What: The topic is student interest

Rationale: We've seen this topic on just about every discussion board or group recently and it is an essential part of Comprehensible Input. In this session, we'll be talking about student interest and how to use it within the confines you may have. 

See you soon! 


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