Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Brain Dump Round Up - Miriam's list of activities

This morning I came to work knowing, in great detail, the things I wanted to work with, but at a complete blank of how to do it. The normal things I tend towards would not meet the purpose of what I wanted. So, after having a much needed cup of coffee, I started on a search on my favourite blogs to find an activity I could use. What I found were a few new activities and one that I am using today. Additionally, Rachel and I were speaking about some alternatives to the things we use for review/brain break vocabulary activities. I thought I'd take this information and round it all up for you all. So, without further ado, here is my list of favourite and newly discovered activities broken up into categories (and in no particular order). I want to honour what has been said, so I will only present 1-2 sentences where needed to clarify my thoughts or provide review.

Activities with Readings

  1. Fan N Pick discussed by Martina Bex - I found this activity this morning and I cannot wait to give it a try! 
  2. Story Tower discussed by Martina Bex - Also found this morning, this is the activity I ultimately decided to use. Look at my twitter for some pics later today! 
  3. Story Wars discussed by Miriam Patrick, original from Diane Neubauer - I love this activity to spice up a reading! 
  4. Picture Relay Races discussed by Rachel Ash 
  5. Seek and Find discussed by Rachel Ash - I love the variations on this! 

Activities with Vocabulary

  1. Draw, Discuss, and Read discussed by Miriam Patrick
  2. In my hat described by Miriam Patrick - We haven't discussed this original activity as it is. There is a variation on this, the white elephant activity, which is linked below. 
  3. White Elephant described by Rachel Ash and Justin Slocum Bailey
  4. TPR in the First ten discussed by Miriam Patrick with resources from Latin Best Practices
  5. One Sentences Stories discussed by Miriam Patrick and Two Sentence Horror Stories discussed by Rachel - both of these ideas were snagged from other places. My idea came from ideas for English/Literature classes and Rachel's idea came from a Reddit thread. 
  6. One Word Picture discussed by Keith Toda
  7. Movie Talks/Movie Shorts discussed by Miriam Patrick (secondary post)

Activities with Personalisation (PQA and untargeted types)

  1. Discipulus Illustris (student interviews)  discussed by Miriam Patrick with links to Bryce Hedstrom's original ideas and other follow up posts. 
  2. Free Voluntary Reading discussed by Miriam Patrick (expect an update post later this year)
  3. Roll A Write discussed by Miriam Patrick
This list is by no means exhaustive and I am always searching for new ideas. Share them in the comments below! 

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