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He was a lonely god trapped in a thankless job. She was a young goddess who didn't even know she wanted to fall in love. How will they work together and will they stay together? This is a Latin reader for students in their first to second year of study of Latin. The book runs approximately 1,050 words with a very limited vocabulary of 148 words (not counting different forms). Online teacher's resources are available here. Teacher's resources in print are available from Amazon and Create Space.

Itinera Petri: Flammae Ducant
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For Peter, it was just another day of waking up to his mother yelling from the small kitchen in the small house they shared. The image he saw in the bathroom mirror that morning would change everything. Follow Peter in this first book of his journeys. Written for Latin students who read at the intermediate-low to mid level, this fantasy of magic and intrigue is just over 4600 words in length and is based on a vocabulary of 330 unique Latin words (not including different inflections of the same word). The verbs are limited entirely to the 50 Most Important Verbs list developed by Latin teachers on the Latin Best Practices Listserv. Free Preview Version available here.

Eurydice: fabula amoris
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A girl just starting her journey, Eurydice finds herself thrust into a dark world from which she may never return. Can her true love face death and defy fate? Free Preview Version available here.